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In quest for separate statehood of Bodoland, All Bodo students Union leader Pramod Boro in an exclusive interview with Afrida Hussain the editor-in-chief of InsideNE, the leader spoke on the reasons triggering for the need of a separate state
The leader spoke lengths on the negligence meted on the Bodo language and the culture at the hands of the Assam government. He stated ” After the implementation of the the Bodo act in 2004, the language was included in the 8th schedule of the Constitution. However the government of Assam has not recognized the language yet even after repeated urges and memorandum sent.”
He expressed his dismay that the language failed to draw attention of the state government and that enough teachers and books aren’t supplied to the schools of Bodo medium providing a setback to the language. He also stated on the cultural deprivation of the Bodo people as culture forms an important part of a community, highlighting the long standing request for a space of the language in Doordarshan.
Citing a few instance of the whole long list of deprivations ,Boro states for the demand of a separate statehood

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