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Government bringing Mahabharat to Assam with CAB: Pramod Boro

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Guwahati, January 23, 2019:

Pramod Boro, the President of All Bodo Students’ Union (ABSU) has joined roughly 10,000 protestors of the highly contentious Citizenship (Amendment) Bill 2016 at Guwahati’s Latasil Playground for a ‘Bajra Ninad’ (scream with the intensity of thunder).
Speaking on the dual issues of amendment of the Citizenship Bill as well as the granting of ST status to six indigenous communities of Assam, he said: “Neither jati nor tribe is safe in Assam. The government sitting in Delhi has proven that they have not accepted us not accepted us as their own.”
He also took a dig at the Government for taking a blind eye to the scores of protests which have rocked the region due to concerns over the Bill. “And on the other hand, they are looking to perform funeral rites on the seventy-year-old system of democracy prevailing in the nation,” he alleged.
“They are ignoring the will of the people. How will democracy survive if the cries and the woes of the public are being ignored by the Government? Thus, we are imploring the present Government not to put the democratic system in a coffin.”
“Why are you trying to start a ‘Mahabharat’ here by bringing this Bill?”, questioned the ABSU President, referring to the division and chaos created by the Bill among the various communities of Assam. He also questioned why the Government of India is not waiting for the NRC results to come in so that the issue of citizenship could be resolved, as the NRC has been compiled by spending crores of rupees of tax payer money.
Addressing the BJP-led central Government, he said: “you said ‘sabke saath sabke vikas’, so practice what you preached, construct a world class university, build a new medical college, facilitate development, provide employment, that is what the public wants.”

Khilonjiyar Bajra Ninad -AGP Keshab Mahanta and ABSU president Pramod Boro

Posted by Inside Northeast on Tuesday, January 22, 2019

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