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Notification for Phase II of Lok Sabha election issued by EC

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Guwahati, March 19, 2019:

The notification for the second phase of Lok Sabha Election has been issued by the Election Commission on Tuesday.

As per the notification, the second phase is scheduled to begin from April 18. The 97 constituencies spread over 13 States and Union Territories will undergo polls during this phase.

The last date for filing nominations is March 26 and the last date for withdrawal of names has been set to March 29. The scrutiny session has been marked on March 27.

The States and Union Territories that will come under the second phase of polling are: all the 39 Parliamentary constituencies of Tamil Nadu, 10 seats of Maharashtra, 14 seats of Karnataka, 8 seats of Uttar Pradesh, 5 seats each of Assam, Bihar and Odisha, 3 seats each of Chhattisgarh and West Bengal, 2 seats of Jammu and Kashmir, and Manipur, 1 seat each of Tripura and Puducherry.

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