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We want freedom in India, not from India: Kanhaiya Kumar

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Guwahati (Assam), September 23, 2018:

Former JNU president Kanhaiya Kumar while speaking at the InsideNE Youth Conclave 2018 said that he is never asked for Freedom from India but what he asked for was Freedom in India.
Kanhaiya Kumar speaking on the controversial issue said that they were being misquoted by a section of people and they never demanded freedom from India. Kanhaiya said that what they wanted was freedom in India. They wanted freedom from poverty, castes, communalism, hatred and other such issues.
Kumar criticizing the over the recent Rafale deal said that the more the government tries to hide the issue, the more questions will be raised. Because of this the government is being forced to change their statements on a regular basis.
Kumar added, “The Prime Minister speaks about the price of LED bulbs but when the issue comes to the Rafale fighters jets, he keeps mum. It is very fishy that the tender to manufacture the Rafale jets were given to Reliance instead of a government department.”
Kumar added that all this lie of the current government regarding the Rafale deal has come to light after the former France president François Hollande and the officials of Hindustan Aeronautical Limited (HAL) said that the HAL could have manufactured them but they were not given the opportunity.
He added, “One can see a smiling face of Modi at various petrol pumps and advertisements of Jio but he is never seen promotions of BSNL”, he added.
“Is the PM privatized?” he questiond.
Speaking on a recent statement by Amit Shah, Kumar said, “Who is Amit Shah to claim that the BJP will rule in India for the next 50 years. Is he a descended Akbar? One person alone cannot decide who will be in the government as India is a democracy and only the people of the country can decide it.”
Kumar also said that Narendra Modi is the first kind Prime Minister who lied from the Red Fort.
He stated that starting from Demonetization, GST and many other such schemes undertaken by the PM is a failure.
“Where is the black money that the PM promised to bring back after demonetization? Where are the jobs that were promise?” Kumar asked.
He also talks about the superstition which is being spreading by the BJP .
He added that Hinduism is not in danger, but democracy, science, logic, debate, humanity, equality, history, geography, culture etc are in danger.

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